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Our college placement history is remarkable. Canes has one of the biggest networks in North America and it speaks for itself. We offer college prep classes yearly,  we guide our athletes and we facilitate college scout days that are exclusive to Canes players in order to increase our player exposure.  We celebrate and promote our teams and individual accomplishments throughout the year using the power of our social media platforms which have one of the largest followings in the industry.  We offer the best resources, including technology by Virtual Combine that powers the Canes recruitment program.  Players have diverse needs so we respond to that by supplying a variety of resources to help our players achieve the best outcome possible.  Check out some of our recent commitments below.


Only 5% of Athletes Earn a Chance to Play College Ball

Who are you going to trust?

Our placement history is top-notch because we have done it for so long. Our success is because we do not wing it;  WE HELP OUR PLAYERS PLAN. We know that when a player, parent, coach, and program work as ONE, amazing things can happen.  Some of our recent commitments are below.


University of Central Oklahoma

Southwestern College

University of Science and Arts

Redlands Community College

Central Christian College of Kansas


Murray State College

Murray State College

Butler Community College

"I can't thank you guys enough!!! I'm pretty sure Coach Saunders had already made up his mind about Jace before he even met him based on the recommendation from you guys!!"


Canes Alumni